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2014-09-09 03:32:57

Heavy haulage specialists All types of plant
or machinery
movement covered

2014-09-09 03:32:58

2014-09-09 03:33:01

All types of plant or machinery movement covered

We’ve got over 20 years of experience in moving heavy loads both UK wide and on an international scale. Our professional fleet of vehicles and trailers allows us to move any piece of plant or farm machinery. We now have the capability for even larger hauls with our brand new rigid 32 ton PM 100 ton metre crane with an impressive 22.5 meter reach.

For the full crane range view our brochure or click here

 Heavy haulage transport

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2014-09-09 03:33:07

Range of heavy haulage vehicles available

2014-09-09 03:33:07

Our fleet includes various trailers, semi loaders, step frame and low loaders with ramp and axel extenders. We’ve transported a Potato Grader to an agricultural show and demolition equipment to construction sites. Simply tell us what you need moving and we will plan a route and haulage vehicle to suit your heavy job spec.

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 Haulage in Lincoln

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2014-09-09 03:33:25

Lighten the load

2014-09-09 03:33:26

With a competitive quote for your heavy haulage – any plant movement or machinery movement requirements can be catered for.
Take a look at our range:

Crane lifting a cabin

2014-09-09 03:33:26

2014-09-09 05:20:07

Scania R730

2014-09-09 05:20:26

With a gross weight of 80 tons giving us a pay load of 56 tons maximum.

 Scania R730

2014-09-09 05:21:39

2014-09-09 05:30:10

Scania R620

2014-09-09 05:30:33

With a gross weight of 65 tons giving us a pay load of 40 tons maximum.

Scania R620

2014-09-09 05:31:58

2014-09-09 05:32:34

3 Axle Nooteboom

Fixed bed with out-riggers and double flip hydraulic loading ramps 900mm lower deck height.

2014-09-09 05:36:45

4 Axle Nooteboom Extender

With a maximum lower bed length of 14.1 meters making the overall trailer length of 18.1 meters with out-riggers and double flip loading ramps and 2 self-tracking steering axles. 900mm lower deck height.

2014-09-09 05:37:53

3 Axle Montrocon Plant

Step frame fixed bed with out-riggers and double flip loading ramps.

2014-09-09 05:39:44

3 Axle Broushuis Extender

With out-riggers and clip on alloy loading ramps. Maximum lower deck length fully extended 13.9 meters with one self-tracking rear steering axle. 800mm lower deck height.

2014-09-09 05:40:58

2, 3 & 4 Axle

Knock out neck extendable low loaders with deck heights from 300mm - 600mm all fully power steered.

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Contact us for large and extra-large deliveries on 01522 702 443

2014-09-09 03:33:49

Telephone:01522 702 443

2014-09-09 03:33:49

Address: Plot 9
Saxilby Enterprise Park
Skellingthorpe Road
Ln1 2LR

2014-09-09 03:33:50